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You Had Your Dinner So Now It’s Time For Dessert

Hello there.  I know what you want from this phone sex Femdom.  You want to know if, when you jerk off for her, you should shoot your load into a towel or a tissue, or if you should eat your own cum instead.

Well, we both know the real answer to . . . → Read More: You Had Your Dinner So Now It’s Time For Dessert


Magic Tranny

Hey there, my slutty little pets. I know so many of you enjoyed that tranny blog I wrote a while back, so I thought we’d revisit that today.

Magically grow a penis?

Well, for one thing, I’d be the most beautiful shemale phone sex Goddess in the world.  But besides . . . → Read More: Magic Tranny


Cuckold cum sluts

I have so many of my callers who fantasize about being a cum slut.  You know, being a cum receptacle.  I laugh and tell them that their only purpose is to be a dumping ground for sperm.  I know you who are reading this think a lot about it too.

Jacking off looking at sites . . . → Read More: Cuckold cum sluts