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Small Dick Humiliation Audio


Hey sluts, I just posted a new tiny dick humiliation audio on

Enjoy! LOL


4 comments to Small Dick Humiliation Audio

  • Reginald Hare

    I am a sex pervert who seeks humiliation from sexy dominant women. In particular I am a breast slave.
    When a sexy woman tempts me with her breasts all my willpower runs out as my cock gets hard. The feeling of complete surrender which creeps over me as my cock hardens is like no other feeling I can
    describe. It makes indeed compells me to grovel to my newly acquired breast GODDESS. I love the sensation of the GODDESS invading my brain and sapping my willpower and implanting her image in my brain. My whole attention becomes directed and controlled by her breasts. That is I pass into the breast controlled phase. After that I am at her mercy and under her complete control. I become her low slut.
    Slut reggie

    • Sirena

      Hey slut Reggie. I have DD so I can tempt with the best of them! A sexy push up bra…like I need much pushing up lol or a sexy corset were my boobs are practically spilling out… it!

  • Dani

    Serina was the absolute best – she was humiliating to me, gave me instructions and told me to call her back when I’ve done some. Will definitely call her

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