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How To Get An Orgasm From Me Every Time

If you’ve been following my blog (and I’m sure you have, right?), you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about cock teasing. There are some good reasons for that, but the biggest one is that I just love to drive men crazy. It doesn’t hurt that I’m really good at it, either. But what if you’re not into denial? Where does that leave you?

No Denial ONLY If You Follow My Cheat Code

I normally say that whether or not I deny you is entirely up to how I feel. But I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. There’s a cheat code when it comes to being teased by me. So if you’re not a fan of being denied, then here’s how you can be sure that I will always, always let you cum when I’m finished teasing you for the day. Are you ready for it? Just offer to eat your own cum for me. I’ll never turn down the opportunity to get a guy to eat his cum for me, which guarantees that you’ll get to get off at the end of our call. Nice, huh?

Major Denial Is In Your Future IF You Mess Up

However…there is a bit of a catch. You have to actually go through with the cum eating part after you’ve finished blowing your load. Trying to back out at the end after promising me something is the fastest way to make sure that you’ll never be able to cum again. I’ll talk you through the whole thing if you need it. I know sometimes men need coaching in this area, and I’m willing to give it…as long as you’re willing to give me what I want, too. I think we can work this to our mutual benefit. Don’t you?






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A Fun Masturbation Call Turns Into Funny Mishap!

I take lots of awesome calls from you guys, and if I blogged about all of them, I’d never write about anything else, LOL. But sometimes, I get calls that just SCREAM "Write about me!" So I can’t deny myself that pleasure, which is why I’m writing about a recent call that I had. I think you guys who are into cock control will appreciate it just as much as I did.

Ending His Orgasm Denial

One of my regular callers (let’s call him P.) enjoys cock control. And I’m never one to turn down the opportunity to take control of a man’s dick, so of course I’ve got rules and regulations in place for him and his dick. Prior to his last call, he’d been on a little short-term orgasm denial, so he was dying for some release. It just so happened that he caught me at a time when I was willing to entertain the idea of letting him cum. Lucky him, right?

Hey I’m Innocent I Told Him He Could Cum!

So, anyway, I was helping him along with his stroking and having a good time of it if I do say so myself. And I was actually going to let him cum, believe it or not. So imagine my surprise when, right after I gave him permission to shoot his load for me, I heard a crash and a howl on the other end of the phone. Apparently, P., in his desperate attempt to get off before I changed my mind, managed to knock his glass of ice water into his lap somehow and give himself an amazing ruined orgasm completely by accident. I didn’t even tell him to do it, but his orgasm was completely wrecked! Needless to say, I laughed until tears were running down my face!






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Get Your Ticket For The Crazy Train on Cock Radio

First I have to say thank you and XOXO to everyone who has come out to support Ms. Hunter and I on our Friday Cock Radio show.  We affectionately call it The Crazy Train and that’s just the way we love it.  You never know what’s going to come out of our mouths or what secret we may share! 

You Get Music And So Much More On Our Crazy Train

The last couple of shows we had “More Cowbells” music because, well, who doesn’t love cowbells! We love it when you guys suggest or send us music to play and thank you to those who have done just that!  Our Behind the Scene interviews went over really well and look forward to doing more of those in the future.  Of course the Perverted Help Desk is always fun and remember you guys can always submit your own dilemma for us to help you with. ;)

Come On Out And Join The Party!

So with all that said we hope you guys will continue to support us by coming and hanging out in the chat room and amuse us with your humor as we in turn do the same for you.

Remember to tune into Cock Radio, Friday nights at 8pm Eastern and join the conversation in the Community Kink chat room.






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Are You A Foot Slave That Loves It Messy

Do you ever have one of those moments when something completely innocent happens to you, and it takes your mind straight to something dirty? It happens to me a LOT. Most recently, it happened last night. I was relaxing last night and treating myself to some ice cream when I accidentally dripped a little of it onto my bare foot. You can probably see where this is going, right?

Cum Shot In Foot Worship

Since it was vanilla ice cream, the first thing I thought of was the way I sometimes let my foot fetishists cum on my feet after they’ve done a really good job of worshipping them. And, naturally, they have to lick it up when they’re finished. That’s the way these things work, after all. And then, it was the idea of a man licking the drop of ice cream off my foot like my foot worshippers sometimes lick up their own cum that made my thoughts turn toward another fetish….

Chocolate Covered Toes For You To Lick Clean

I’m talking about food fetish and wet and messy fantasies, of course. I do love having my feet worshipped, so if I can get more men to worship them by drizzling them with melted ice cream, then that’s exactly what I will do. Actually, let’s not just limit that to my feet. Body worship is wonderful in all its forms, and I suspect it’ll be even better if there’s something like chocolate syrup involved. What do you guys think?






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Reasons Why I Love Being A Cuckoldress

As a phone sex Mistress to a number of you men out there, I find myself wearing lots of different hats. Some of you need a Masturbatrix to control your cocks and tell you when and how to stroke. Others need a Humiliatrix to laugh at you and bring you down low like you deserve. There are all kinds of possibilities, and because I have a lot of interests, I can happily go for most of them.

I Have Enjoyed Cuckolding For A Long Time

But in my opinion, being a Cuckoldress is in a totally different league. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy other fantasies because I do. But cuckolding is something I’ve been doing for a long time, and it’s pretty dear to me as far as fetishes go. Besides that, it also lets me combine two of my other favorite fetishes: big black cocks and watching submissive men service dominant men. Surely you didn’t think I’d forget that part, did you?

Mutual Satisfaction In A Cuckold Relationship

It’s also nice knowing that I am giving cucks what they need in a roundabout way, too. They love the humiliation of being cuckolded, and I love humiliating them. They love being on creampie cleanup duty, and I love having them there. I get all my needs taken care of, and in turn, that fulfills their needs as well. It’s pretty nice being able to do all that without even having to behave any differently than I normally would!