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Celebrate Masturbation May with The Crazy Train!

Hey there boys!  So since it is Masturbation May, Ms. Hunter thought a Masturbation theme for this week’s show would be great.  I quickly jumped on board. It’s perfect! I mean we love talking about masturbation and we know you love it to!  So all the music will be about…you guessed it masturbation, fapping, spanking the monkey…well you get the idea LOL!  We will have fun chatting about masturbation too and finding out what you boys have been doing to celebrate Masturbation May.

So come on by and join Ms. Hunter and I in the Community Kink chatroom as you tune into Cock Radio Friday, May 9th at 8pm Eastern.





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Ready To Add More Fun To Your Masturbation

Hey, guys! As you probably already know, it’s Masturbation May here at LDW. In honor of that particular "holiday," you can find a new blog dedicated entirely to masturbation and cock control on my website each week! So if that’s an interest of yours, feel free to subscribe to my blog!

Edging Has Various Uses

Let’s talk about orgasm edging, shall we? Most of you probably know that it’s one of the best ways to spice up your usual masturbation routine. And if you don’t already know it, then you definitely need to learn it! (Seriously, you won’t regret it one bit.) Edging is a really flexible activity. It can be used by your Mistress to build frustration in cases of denial. It can help you build your stamina or break a masturbation addiction. Or, at its most basic, it can simply be used to make you cum harder.

Learning To Edge Yourself

I use it for all those things and more. Most often, I end up using edging in combination with guided masturbation. In fact, I can teach you how to do it all by yourself. I do love giving instructions to my guys in real-time, of course, but sometimes our schedules clash or other things stand in the way of our preferred methods of interacting.  So you take what you can get at those times. If edging is something you’re interested in (or if you’d like to learn to edge yourself), I will be more than happy to teach you!




Kicking Off Masturbation May With Goddess Hannah!

Join us in the Communitykink Chat Room for a night of Sexy Trivia with Goddess Hannah at 8PM EST tonight, Thursday, May 1st!

Let’s Talk About Sex!

To kick off our #MasturbationMay Celebration, the topic of tonight’s trivia challenge will be SEX – and who doesn’t like that topic! To join using your mobile device, follow this linkSee you in the chat room!





Your Big Cock Teasing Question Answered!

Hello again, guys! I want to take a moment to remind you that this month is Masturbation May. This “holiday” means different things for different ladies, but for this Mistress, it means that all my blog posts for the entire month of May will be dedicated to a different aspect of masturbation and/or cock control. So all you jerking-off addicts are going to love this month! With that in mind, let’s talk about today’s topic, shall we?

Should I Let You Cum

Today’s topic is cock teasing, which is a big specialty (and favorite) of mine. I’ve been a tease for a long time, and the years have only served to make me better at it! When teasing comes up in conversation, one of the biggest questions I get in regards to it is “Am I going to get to cum?” or something similar. And the answer is, “It depends on what kind of teasing you’re in for today.” Regardless of what kind of teasing you’re getting, your orgasm won’t come quick. I’m going to draw our session together out because what fun is teasing you if it’s over in 5 minutes?

The Two Types Of  Cock Teasing

Whether I let you cum in the end or not, though, depends on if you’re experiencing tease and denial or tease and delay. Denial means “No orgasm for you today!” Delay, on the other hand, means “You’ll get yours today…eventually.” As for how I decide which one you’re getting (and if I tell you at the beginning or not), that’s for me and me alone to know! ;)




A Femdom Gangbang Party: Wanna Come?!

When men think of Femdom phone sex, a lot of different thoughts might come to mind. They may come all at once or more slowly, one by one. But eventually, nearly all of them end up coming around to the idea of a Femdom party, sooner or later. Personally, I like it when it’s sooner, rather than later. ;)

One Of My Favorite Kind Of Femdom Party

The trusty old Femdom party fantasy can play itself out in a lot of ways. You can be a sissy maid who brings my friends and me drinks and gives us foot massages while we’re hanging out and having a good time together. You can stand around naked while we make you do embarrassing things. There are a ton of options, really. But if you were to ask me about the one I like the most, I’d probably tell you that I love the idea of a strap on gangbang.

Think You Can Handle My Kinky Party

Ok, actually, I like more than just the mere idea of it. I’ve done it quite a few times before, so I like it both in theory AND in practice. But here’s the thing: I probably haven’t done it with YOU yet, and I think that’s something we need to remedy. What do you think? Could you take all the hot strap on action from both myself and my Femdom friends? I’d say it’s past time to find out!






Tune Into CockRadio on Friday Nights!